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Quality Policy

​Proxima & Company is made up of a group of professionals active in consultancy in Italy for over 25 years who propose themselves as the only partner with global skills in management consultancy for the design of Strategy & Control systems, in management consultancy and in the implementation and support for Analysis, Planning and Reporting solutions. Among the differentiating factors, the now consolidated experience in working with medium/large sized Italian companies, the strong skills in all business processes (Finance, Sales and Operations) and the awareness of user needs stand out. In addition to this, the highly qualified and responsible approach of the consultants allows us to build lasting and trusting professional relationships over time. These factors lead to a solid reputation and allow Proxima & Company to present itself as an "expert" interlocutor to align and make business needs effective in the areas of Analysis, Planning and Control.


Our Mission is to support the growth of companies, bringing distinctive and substantial improvements in their performance with tangible and lasting results. We offer a pragmatic approach with which to achieve the most challenging objectives and we are committed to always doing the right thing with passion, responsibility and intellectual honesty.

Our Vision is “We enable you to focus on the story behind numbers”,

“We let you focus on the story behind the numbers.”

Taking into account what is described above and analyzing the reference context in which the company operates, the Management has defined a series of general objectives which will always be taken into consideration when defining quality planning, through formal moments of review of the performance of activities:

  • Quality understood as satisfying the expectations of the Customer and all interested parties is our priority. Proxima & Company has set itself the goal of establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, certified by an accredited third party. Achieving this objective presupposes a commitment on the part of all staff to continuous improvement of the system and implies the search for every occasion and opportunity to eliminate defects and/or anomalies by removing their causes and preventing their recurrence.

  • High-level consultancy and customized solutions help you respond to specific business challenges. We ensure that our customer can adapt to change instantly with the next generation EPM. With a combination of consulting and training experience our team offers a unique perspective on how to solve complex business challenges.

  • The professional growth of all employees, based on involvement and training, is recognized by the Management as a strategic and competitive factor for maintaining a prestigious position in the market. Training is a tool that we must enhance to fully guide this growth.

  • Maintaining an active and continuous collaboration with selected external consultants and industry partners is a primary objective that we therefore intend to pursue continuously. Other services and/or materials and/or equipment are also supplied by appropriately qualified suppliers; monitoring the performance of our suppliers is an important means of effectively achieving this important objective.

The general objectives constitute a reference framework for planning specific objectives, defined and reviewed annually according to appropriate indicators of company performance and satisfaction of customers and all interested parties. The specific objectives are determined by a continuous commitment to promote and spread the mentality of continuous improvement, to improve the global efficiency of the processes, to satisfy the applicable requirements, to obtain the pre-established quality levels, to raise awareness, train and systematically update the staff and consultants. The Policy is communicated, understood and applied within the company and is made available externally via email, customer request and publication on the website

Proxima & Company obtained the first UNI-EN-ISO 9001 certificate in 2022.

ISO 9001 certification is an international standard, defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), for Quality Management Systems (QMS) or a set of policies that define the requirements for implementation within an organization of a quality management system.

By obtaining certification, Proxima & Company Srl responds to the need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes in order to improve the provision of services, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.


For further information, consult our quality policy.

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