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MPS & MRP: an effective long-term planning empowered by Anaplan


The production planning team is struggling to find the global optima between Sales objectives, Production Capacity constraints, Procurement policies and R&D projects.

Low-value high-effort activities are performed to collect data and information from different teams and to align and make multiple inputs and variables homogeneous. Then, the Master Production Schedule and the Material Requirements Plan are defined and often rediscussed due to changes in other intertwined processes and plannings.


A workflow system manages and tracks the different process steps, defining deadlines for the involved teams to provide the needed data. Production Planning Team defines the production strategy and Anaplan platform does all the computations for the operational plans based on that strategy. After that, the team can make specific changes to the plan, while the system recomputes other variables in order to meet production requirements and constraints. Different strategies can be tested and compared (what-if analyses).

After the definition of the Master Production Schedule, Anaplan computes the material requirements for the months to come based on the purchasing policy defined by the Procurement Team.


Anaplan virtuously supports such a planning process in different ways:

  • Quick and effective what-if analyses, in order to manage multiple variables and a dynamic environment

  • Connected Planning, to improve decision making and business performances of financial, strategic and operational plans defined across different time horizons and different enterprise functions

  • Workflow management, to monitor complex business processes and increase visibility

  • A single source of truth for the past, the present and the future, to avoid data misalignment between teams

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