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ESG: Sustainability with Anaplan

The ESG (Environmental Sustainability Governance) project developed on the cloud-native Anaplan software had as its primary goal the data collection for the preparation of the sustainability report. Specifically, the sections within the project were dedicated to:

  • QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment)

  • CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Each section contained its respective forms, which users accessed to upload the data collected during the predefined reporting period for each of them. In fact, the core of the project was the data flow between input forms, filled out by the users, and output forms, which were responsible for harmonizing the inserted data to facilitate detailed KPI analysis.

The main directives followed during the development of the project can be outlined as follows:

  • International dimension of the company: being active worldwide, the company needed to find a sustainable and sufficiently clear process for all its users.

  • Centralization of the process: the unregulated exchange of these data exposed the company to errors, delays, and the proliferation of Excel documents. Therefore, it was necessary to identify a single access point for everyone.

  • Internal workflow: the division of the process into phases of approval or rejection of the entered data was essential to ensure clear and transparent communication among stakeholders.

  • Different reporting periods: the timeliness of data entry needed to be ensured for forms that had different data collection times depending on the subject matter.

Given these premises, Anaplan proved to be the ideal software because it always guaranteed an experience based on these pillars:

  • Cloud-native software: resulting in the centralization of the data flow globally.

  • Security: once the data was approved, the security functions protected the data from possible accidental overwriting, as well as allowing the visibility to be adapted according to the company role.

  • Flexibility: the adaptability of the software allowed and still allows integrations that a project as susceptible to change as ESG requires.

  • User friendliness: Anaplan's user experience made the transition very comfortable, adopting an approach aimed at intuitiveness and simplicity, without neglecting aesthetic appeal.

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