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Demand Planning with IBM Cognos

The project was developed through a customized demand planning model using IBM Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics, tailored to meet the specific needs of our client. The solution is structured into four distinct planning sections, each designed to manage various changes that may occur over time in the products. This modular structure allows for easy updates to products that are no longer sold, replaced, or customized.

Model Structure

  1. Historical Data Base Creation: In the first section, we build the historical data base, collecting all necessary information for subsequent analyses.

  2. Forecasting with Native Function: Utilizing the native forecasting function of Planning Analytics, we generate detailed forecasts for the upcoming months for each individual element. This advanced tool allows us to obtain accurate and reliable estimates based on historical data.

  3. Manual Forecast Adjustments: The client has the ability to manually adjust the forecasts, allowing for modifications based on market insights and specific knowledge.

  4. Integration with Management Software: Finally, the modified forecast data is imported and integrated into the production management software, ensuring that planning is always aligned with operational needs.

Benefits for the Client

  • Timely Planning: The new system ensures timely and accurate planning, minimizing errors typical of manual planning.

  • Verifiability: Thanks to the transparency and traceability of the process, all forecasts can be easily verified.

  • Speed: Automating the planning process significantly accelerates response and update times.

Thanks to this solution, our client is now able to manage production demand more efficiently and flexibly, thereby improving their market competitiveness

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